Happy new year from Open-Electronics.org: best posts in 2016, thank you!

By on January 9, 2017
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We had a great year here at Open-Electronics.org, we thank you for staying with us!

We would like to thank our followers one by one but, hey! You’re too many! Just an hint on the top 20 Countries that are following us:

United States364580Netherlands36273
United Kingdom74497Turkey29308

We did a lot of things so far, from the 3DRag to the Chocolate Printer and the Drink Maker. Then, we moved on with RandA and later on with Fishino and its family of boards.

We closed last year launching our contest platform, initiated by the Wireless Power contest! We are waiting for the projects in phase 2, but if you have a good idea you can submit it anyway!

Here are the 50 best post read in 2016, have you read ’em all?

Feeding power to Arduino: the ultimate guide91,632
How to Transform your 3Drag 3D Printer in a CNC milling machine49,435
Arduino as a programmable logic controller (PLC)47,779
Arduino ISP (In System Programming) and stand-alone circuits35,933
How to send and receive SMS with GSM/GPRS & GPS shield35,805
Top 5 Wireless Ways to Communicate with your Controller26,762
Raspberry Pi and the Camera Pi module: face recognition tutorial26,548
Arduino GSM shield23,494
GSM GPS shield for Arduino23,445
Computer Vision with Raspberry Pi and the Camera Pi module22,550
A Robotic lawn mower powered by Solar Energy with an Arduino heart22,171
How to find the location with GSM cells21,376
Let’s code with STM32 NUCLEO21,214
GSM/GPRS & GPS modem with SIM900/SIM908 module20,972
AT Command Tester: the free online software tool to test GSM AT commands20,251
3Drag 3d printer17,930
Localizer with SIM908 module17,590
Water Tank level display with Arduino17,046
An ARDUINO based JPEG Camera with IR and PIR16,509
GSM Module – SIM90015,956
A PC and an Arduino: here’s your DIY Oscilloscope15,791
How to make an Arduino shield with Eagle CAD – Tutorial14,959
10 of the Most incredible Open Source Hardware projects born in 201314,932
The GSM/GPRS & GPS Shield: some Http connections examples14,375
How to send data from Arduino to Google Docs Spreadsheet13,970
From Arduino to Genuino, the reasons for a choice13,862
Small Breakout for SIM900 GSM Module13,292
3D Scanning with Microsoft Kinect13,077
A GSM/GPRS & GPS Expansion Shield for Raspberry Pi13,011
Internet Radio with Raspberry Pi11,716
Arduino Door Lock Using 4×4 Keypad and Servo Motor11,700
Pixy camera: detect the colour of the objects and track their position10,329
Robofish: create your robot fish with Arduino10,165
Welcome OpenWheels the Open Source personal vehicle inspired by the Segway9,894
Wi-Fi Body Scale with Arduino9,652
Turn your Raspberry PI in an Oscilloscope with BitScope8,805
Web thermostat with Arduino8,510
Arduino GPS Map Navigation System8,304
Using the GSM/GPRS & GPS Shield: call examples7,522
3Drag is now printing with Chocolate!7,370
Raspberry Pi as an Audio/Media Center: the best Linux distros7,281
An open source 3D Scanner made with Raspberry Pi6,917
3Drag as a CNC milling machine: Creating G-Code from gerber files6,715
A Great I/O expansion Shield for RaspberryPi based on I2C6,671
A new Wi-Fi Shield to connect your Arduino to the Internet6,290
Here comes the open source Snow Plow Robot6,180
Buiding an arcade coin-op machine to rediscover the 80-90s with RetroPie6,126
Interact and remotely control Arduino YUN with Ajax6,011
The LoRa shield: an Open Source Arduino’s long-range communication module5,845
Creating a geolocalized relay, thanks to Microsoft Virtual Shield for Arduino5,721



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