• How To Convert Your Raspberry Pi to a Smart Remote Control

    The Anavi Infrared pHAT is designed for creating IR-controller IoT devices, or retrofitting existing consumer electronic equipment or appliances such as air conditioners to be controlled with a standard TV remote control. Since the add-on board provides...

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  • Be Ready for Your Next Halloween Party!

    Halloween is coming and I’ve found the perfect project to impress everyone at your next Halloween Party! This particular robot was built using an Arduino Mega, a Cytron PS2 Shield, a modified sensor shield, and a wireless PS2 controller....

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  • FlightWave Edge UAS: the long-range eyes in the sky!

    The FlighWave Aerospace Systems last week revealed the  Edge UAS. The startup company’s drone is intended to provide customers with a sustained aerial presence in high winds during maritime and terrestrial missions. FlightWave plans to work with...

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  • Skintillates: Temporary tattoos with embedded electronics

    Developed by a team of UC Berkeley students, Skintillates is a wearable technology that mimics tattoos. These “epidermal wearable interactive devices” can serve as everything from passive and active on-skin displays, to capacitive and resistive sensors for...

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  • Marty the 3D printed open-source robot for STEM education launches on Indiegogo

    Marty the Robot is a being promoted through a new indiegogo campaign that’s hoping to introduce robotics to younger generations. What is exactly “Marty”? he is an open-source, fully programmable, WiFI ready and 3D printable robot designed to be incredibly customizable,...

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  • OSEPP 101 Sensor Kit (Arduino Compatible & Production Ready) on Kickstarter

      Ever wanted to learn electronics but didn’t know where to start? Are you curious to create interactive projects with sensors found commonly around you (home, smartphones, office, car, etc)? Are you interested in creating your own...

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  • Vestigen’s Project Ara Sensors improve our life

    Modular open mobiles are getting closer, and the disruptive applications as well. Vestigen is a company that is designing and manufacturing smart sensors for Project Ara that could really improve our lives: “Project Ara is getting closer...

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  • Toshiba Announces Thinnest Camera Module with 13 Mega Pixel resolution

    Toshiba today announces the industry’s thinnest CMOS image sensor camera module with high-resolution, 13 mega pixel (MP), imaging ideal for next-generation, ultra-thin smartphones and tablet devices. The new TCM9930MD leverages an advanced image pre-processing LSI (companion) chip...

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