• Digital clock with 24 Arduino Nano

    3D-printed clock with 24 analog faces that combine to form a single digital display. The overall device is controlled by a single Arduino Nano, which keeps track of the time using a RTC module. This unit coordinates...

    • Posted 1 month ago
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  • DIY Digital Clock Using ATmega328p, RTC DS3231 and Seven Segment Displays

      This is an user friendly tiny digital table clock where user can access all basic functions of clocks including setting alarms, viewing temperature, viewing date, setting date and time, etc. It has a buzzer for alarm...

    • Posted 3 months ago
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  • Mesmerizing Magnetic Wall Clock

      Mechanical clocks have always fascinated me. The way all of the internal gears, springs, and escapements work together to result in a constant reliable timepiece has always seemed out of reach for my limited skill set....

    • Posted 5 months ago
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  • A GPS clock using a 12-NeoPixel ring

    An Arduino-based GPS clock using a microcontroller with a gps attachment and a 12-neopixel ring. I based this project on Adafruit’s awesome Neopixel watch. This project uses an Arduino-friendly microcontroller (the smaller, the better – I used...

    • Posted 7 months ago
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  • “glixie” Puts a New Spin on Glow-in-the-dark Displays

      For as many projects as we see using Nixie tubes in new and unusual ways, there’s a smaller but often very interesting cohort of displays that fit into the “Nixie-like” category. These are projects where something...

    • Posted 8 months ago
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  • Build a Nano-based binary Nixie clock with 18 IN-2 tubes

      Nixie tubes are, of course, an elegant display method from a more civilized age, but actually powering and controlling them can be a challenge. This can mean a great project and learning opportunity, but if you’d...

    • Posted 9 months ago
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  • Inside the digital clock from a Soyuz spacecraft

      We recently obtained a clock that flew on a Soyuz space mission.1 The clock, manufactured in 1984, contains over 100 integrated circuits on ten circuit boards. Why is the clock so complicated? In this blog post,...

    • Posted 1 year ago
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  • An Open Source Frequency Meter and clock generator

      On the hardware of the controller board LED Matrix, by taking advantage of the reconfigurability of the onboard FPGA, we can build a bivalent tool that is extremely useful to have on our work bench. If...

    • Posted 3 years ago
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  • DIY a Raspberry Pi Clock and Temperature Monitor

    Raspberry Pi enthusiasts searching for a quick project to keep them busy this weekend may be interested in the new Raspberry Pi Zero clock and temperature gauge which has been created by Hackster.io member Jeremiah Mattison. He has Kindly...

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  • Arduino round Word clock

    Interesting project to take inspiration by, a word clock featuring Arduino to control the “minute words”! As I was making a word clock, based on another instructable ( http://www.instructables.com/id/My-Arduino-WordClock/ ), me and my sister were wondering whether...

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  • A RTC SHIELD for Arduino and Raspberry Pi, second part

      Let’s see how to use this shield along with Raspberry Pi, by means of a dedicated library.   In the last installment we gave readers description of a new RTCC shield, based on the MCP79410 integrated...

    • Posted 5 years ago
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  • A RTC SHIELD for Arduino and Raspberry Pi

      Let’s use a new Real Time Clock by Microchip, by making it available on a shield for two prototyping boards. First Installment.   Many applications require an hourly information, that is locally obtained by means of...

    • Posted 5 years ago
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  • New version of amazing Micro Word Clock showcased in Video

    Great introduction video to the Micro Word Clock by Daniel Roja: A tiny replica of the famous Word Clock, using only an ATmega microcontroller, a DS1307 Real Time Clock and a few passive components to display the time...

    • Posted 6 years ago
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  • Add functions to your Dotklok: Remote Control

    Today we present a mod of Dotklok, the product that we presented few months ago , with new features such as reading ambient temperature and controlling display brightness based on the ambient light. The whole thing can...

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  • An Open Source, hackable Digital Clock

    Andrew O’Malley, an amazingly creative maker, created this fanstastic Open Source Arduino-based clock that can display the time in many different ways: if not enough, one can also add his own personal animation.   Andrew’s idea Compared...

    • Posted 8 years ago
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