Cthulhu Shield: Open Source Sensory Augmentation Platform for Arduino

By on February 8, 2019
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Created by engineer Joel Moritz Jr, the Cthulhu Shield is a new open source sensory substitution and sensory augmentation development kit for Arduino.

The device takes the form of an Arduino Uno or Mega shield, with a strange flexible electrode setup that is placed directly on the user’s tongue, in order to augment the perception of one of your senses.

Because the tongue is so sensitive, and conveniently quite conductive thanks to its normally wet environment, users can tell between at least 14 different electrode points, or up to 99 depending on the individual.

When these electrodes are fired, they activate nerve fibers on the tongue, producing a feeling like that of carbonated bubbles popping. This can then be used to convey information to the user, whether this is visual, sound, or even Internet updates or other non-traditional stimuli. It can also be utilized as an interface for tongue computer control.

Further information can be found on Cthulhu Shield’s Kickstarter page.

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