TWIST: Open Source DIY Tweeting Weather Station

By on February 19, 2019
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Aptly named TWIST the open source environmental monitoring system is capable of sending tweets and collecting meteorological data thanks to its include gas, rain, light, temperature and humidity sensors.

“Meet Tweeting Weather IoT Station aka TWIST – a DIY, Open-Source Environmental Monitoring and Meteorological Data Acquisition Platform. The purpose of TWIST is so that individuals and communities can collect data of what’s actually happening in their environment and share this data on social media such as Twitter.”

To build your TWIST weather station you need:

Quantity Part Details
1 Intel Edison with Arduino Breakout Board
1 MQ2 Combustible Gas Sensor
1 YL-83 Rain Sensor
1 SL-HS-220 Temperature & Humidity Sensor
1 Resistor 32K


3 Metal Standoff 1inch

1 Resistor 32K


2 Wood Sheet A4 Size Can later be cut in size
3 Metal Standoff 1inch


Powered by the Intel Edison Board the Internet of Things weather station can be modified further and is compatible with a variety of sensors. All code, design files, schematics and PCB layouts are open source enabling those interested to share their modifications and new sensor support with others.

Please visit the official project’s page to find out more information.

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