Solderdoodle Plus: Open Source Rechargeable Hot Multi Tool

By on January 8, 2019
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Mechanical engineer Isaac Porras has launched the new Solderdoodle Plus, an open source USB rechargeable soldering iron, more powerful than its predecessor Solderdoodle. It’s a cordless hot multi-tool that can be used as a soldering iron, 3D print finishing tool, and wood burner, all in the same package and it features 10 Watts of adjustable power.

Solderdoodle Plus can last over 1 hour with constant maximum power at 500 Degrees C. Typical soldering sessions only last a few minutes, so under normal use the battery can last many weeks before recharging! You can literally go anywhere and still have a way to charge your Solderdoodle Plus if there is a laptop, USB battery, wall adapter, or even a USB solar charger nearby!

Internally the Solderdoodle Plus features a custom charge controller based on the Maxim MAX8903G, and the control board is powered by an ATtiny84A microcontroller.

The device is outfitted with a touch sensor that allows you to ‘swipe’ to different power levels, which is denoted on an LED power-level indicator. A switch on the back of the tool enables you to turn the tool on or off, and includes a safety mechanism that puts it in sleep mode when not in use. It is also compatible with a myriad of different tips — chisel, conical, wood burning, needle, spade, and blade, among others.

The hardware and software for the device are open source and you’re invited to build your own, though kits are also available through an already fully-funded Kickstarter campaign.

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