Skirmos is an Open Source Laser Tag toolkit

By on March 24, 2014
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Incredible open source toolkit to build your own Laser Tag gameplay. Amazing.

The most advanced open source laser tag system. Create your own indoor or outdoor battlefield. Build your own custom gametypes.

It’s a summer night, and you’re playing an intense game of territories inside a misty forest. Your team is rushing the enemy’s base to capture the remaining territories, while you flank. You glance at your gun’s LCD screen; full health and ammo, and your team is down three territories. You quickly capture a nearby objective and receive an overshield; your gun instantly glows red to indicate it. Two enemies poke out of the trees on the right, you raise your gun to aim, and out-shoot them both. Simultaneously, your team successfully captures the remaining objectives. You win! Skirmos is the ideal game you’ve always wanted to play.

via Skirmos: Open Source Laser Tag by Skirmos — Kickstarter.


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