Poly: Multi-Tool Portable 3D Printer And Engraver

By on December 3, 2017
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A small portable 3D printer and multitool engraving system has been launched via Kickstarter this week which offers a unique battery-powered fabrication machine that is biodegradable and uses open source firmware and software.

“Poly is a multitool 3D printer that uses open source firmware and software, made in PHA, a totally ecological and compostable material. The concept behind Poly is based on three keywords: open-source, eco-friendly, and upcycling. Poly is equipped with a range of tools: an extruder nozzle, a laser engraving kit, a chocolate extruding kit, and all of them can be quickly alternated by a magnetic mechanism. It has a printing area of 6cmx6cmx6cm and it can create, in addition to countless plastic objects (in PLA), designs and chocolate shapes.”

It starts from €254 with shipping expected to take place during September 2018.

Full features are listed below:


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  1. Robert Ruedisueli

    December 3, 2017 at 11:11 AM

    If this could be adapted to add a head a CAM grinding and drilling tool with only shallow depth, it could be used to make circuit-boards. (Laser engravers don’t quite cut it for that due to small drill size, pardon the pun.)

    60x60mm might not sound much for a circuit-board, but most projects don’t need a big circuit board these days with surface mount devices.

    The depth needed for this function is very shallow (under half a centimeter) so if modification of gearing ratio to the vertical lifting mechanism to improve the provided pressure that should work well if needed, and honestly would improve the output by increasing the depth precision of the cut.

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