Pivot: Open Source Skateboard Trick Tracking

By on August 27, 2014
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Help this genuinely innovative and exciting project created by some young students! The target is pretty high so they definitely need your support:

Pivot is an electronic platform enabling skaters to learn, share, develop games, and connect in new ways.

What is pivot?

Pivot is open source trick tracking hardware designed specifically for freestyle skateboarding.

Pivot PCB V2.0

We want to provide skaters with the ability to share their skills and tricks with the use of open source motion tracking electronics and mobile software. We understand that skaters are naturally inclined to be makers and doers. Whether building ramps, getting artistic with your board, or creating the next local DIY spots, the Pivot Team knows that skaters will naturally adapt to anything they put their minds to. This is why the Pivot setup is open source and implements open source software, meaning that anyone may modify it, change it, or add on to it. We hope to see this platform used in educational environments, used to make new games, and above all – used to the benefit and the progression of the sport of skateboarding and its communities.

via Pivot: Open Source Skateboard Trick Tracking by Skate Pivot — Kickstarter.

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