PiTablet : a Raspberry Pi powered tablet with customizable design got funding on Kickstarter

By on January 11, 2015
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This project is based on A Raspberry Pi based (www.PiTouch.cotablet plus a customizable, Open-source design for your needs and projects.

It’s also a lot interesting for  wannabe creators on kickstarter: very cool to see the original developers of the PiTouch creating new ideas to make use of their original product, and kickstarting super niche (60 backers).

The PiTablet can do everything regular tablets can do: Watch movies, surf the Internet, and play games. But since it is based on the open-source Raspberry Pi, it is completely customizable in a way that ordinary tablets aren’t. A complete PiTablet kit consists of:

  • 10 inch PiTouch touchscreen monitor (www.PiTouch.co) – Our other Kickstarter project
  • Raspberry Pi or other embedded computer (Beaglebone, etc.)
  • USB Power Pack
  • Infrared remote control
  • WiFi module
  • Cables to hook it all up
  • And an acrylic case to hold it all together

via PiTablet: A Raspberry Pi powered tablet! Starting at $99! by Psi Labs — Kickstarter.


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