I2C car with Attiny85 and M5StickC controlled by Blynk

By on February 7, 2022
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In this project we see how to create an I2C system to control motors using a DigiSpark Attiny85 plus an Arduino shield. To test its operation we made a small RC car that uses an M5StickC and connects to the Blynk app to communicate via the I2C protocol.

We used two communications in this project to control the four DC motors: M5StickC gets the Blynk joystick command from the smartphone via WIFI and converts it to the direction and speed of the car; then M5StickC transmits these converted commands to Attiny85 via the I2C protocol. Finally, after receiving the command, Attiny85 sends its output signals to the Quad motor shield to control the direction and speed of the car’s DC motors.

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