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By on March 18, 2011
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Let’s now we see how to use the program and what are the functions therein.
Boxes Com Port  and Baud Rate summarize the information about the virtual open COM for the USB connection.
First of all, in the Information tab we find a summary of all the characteristics of the remote control during the configuration phase, i.e. model (TDG133. .. TDG140), firmware version and IMEI of the cell module installed.

Information Device

The bottom section contains log information about the events registered by  the remote.
In the menu bar there are two commands:
Exit which allows you to leave the program and Database  which opens the window Phonebook, this window displays the stored phone numbers; in this window the buttons Clear List and  Update List  allow you to remove the directory or to update it. In the latter case, the program sends the new phonebook to the remote. Clicking on the question mark, instead, you get information about the program, i.e. release and more.
It should be noted that in the lower section of the main window, there is the indication “pending call from Master Number” in case you connect a remote control that has not stored at least one number, or in which the Easy Setup has not been performed.
In the same section, by clicking on Enable Extended LOG you access the dialog box shown on the left, in Figure 4, which contains all data received on the “COM” port of the computer you are using.

Extended LOG


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