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By on March 18, 2011
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PC configuration software for all remote controls described in the last four issues. This application is used to set all parameters via PC, instead of using the boring and expensive SMS configuration system.

Download “Configuratore TDG v.” (Source code VB .NET 2010)

In the articles devoted to the remote GSM modules, we have repeatedly mentioned that the programming of the numbers in the list of those qualified to command the devices and the configuration of all operating parameters could be done avoiding the long and expensive procedure through SMS; in fact we made reference to an application software that could take advantage of the USB interface to connect with our modules and check the current settings or to add new configurations. Well, now is time to talk about this program, created to facilitate the task of those who must install our TDGs. This program is really useful for the gate opener where a lot of time could be spent entering from a mobile phone, via SMS, the many numbers a phone can contain and that would cost quite a lot (unless you have a special free SMS formula with your service provider).
The software runs on Windows and needs relatively limited resources, in fact, the system requirements basically are:

– 30 MB of free space on your Hard Disk;
– a free USB port;
– XP/2000/Vista/7 OS Microsoft Windows – 32-bit or 64 bit.

This software allows you to set the settings for Remote Control, just connect the device via USB and the computer will immediately recognize the device since among other functions, our program automatically recognizes the remote that is connected. In practice, according to the connected device the program adapts its user interface, showing in the main dialog box only the tabs that relate to its configuration, excluding the rest.

Initial screen of the software


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