GSM Remote Control

By on March 18, 2011
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The Master Numbers section summarizes the numbers in the list (8 maximum) authorized to carry out the configuration and issue commands via SMS.

Phone Number

Let’s see the main program window when you connect a remote DTMF (TDG140): it shows the storage of a number of those qualified to command, note that you can define (using the Position box) the position where to store the number as well as the name of the person who owns the phone you are storing.
The Phone Numbers  tab can be seen connecting any remote control version to the computer. Let’s now see the main window, specific for the TDG133 gate opener and the TDG134: note, in the right section, the tab Gate Opener Numbers, next to tab Master Numbers. By clicking on that tab, you access the window that summarizes the list of numbers related to the gate open control.

Master Phone Number

The main window of the program, in addition, offers the tab Telephone Numbers, which is different from the one seen before: in fact here there are two sections that are used to store and display both the master numbers (Master Numbers) as well as the names of the phones that can simply operate the remote control relay (Gate Open Numbers). Only for master numbers there is the possibility to specify the position where to save them.

Gate Control Numbers


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