FlexVolt: an open-source software powered EMG biosensor

By on December 31, 2013
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This project once again demonstrates that cheap and componentized hardware plus open source software can innovate almost every sector.

Although there’s no mention of Open Source Hardware here, the guys are committed to develop open source software on top of that.

FlexVolt measures electrical signals in your muscles. Educate, monitor fitness or physical therapy, or create body-machine interfaces.

FlexVolt makes EMG technology, generally only used by medical professionals and costing thousands of dollars, user-friendly and affordable. Use your biosignals to: evaluate progress in physical training or therapy; compose music; control your mouse or lights in your house; teach students about biosignals, measuring data and comparison of different inputs; whatever your imagination can come up with!

FlexVolt can be used as a a tool to improve your body, as a new creative input, or as a fun way to teach students about biomedical science and data collection.

Once you capture your biosignals with your computer, we are developing open source apps that allow you to do things like…


(see the page  FlexVolt: A simple, affordable, open-source EMG biosensor. by Brendan Flynn — Kickstarter)


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