DIY an Arduino-based 5 in 1 Multimeter Device

By on February 16, 2019
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YouTuber Electronoobs has just created an Arduino Nano multimeter device.

Using a small OLED screen in combination with the Arduino Nano together with a couple of buttons and 16-bit ADC for precise measurements the multimeter is able to display voltage, resistance, current, and it’s also capable of reading capacitance and inductance.

Power is provided by a small onboard LiPo battery, and a charging module is included to help keep things topped off. Everything is housed inside a custom 3D-printed case.

“The Arduino Nano is a small, complete, and breadboard-friendly board based on the ATmega328 (Arduino Nano 3.x). It has more or less the same functionality of the Arduino Duemilanove, but in a different package. It lacks only a DC power jack, and works with a Mini-B USB cable instead of a standard one. “

If you’d like to create your own, the schematic and code are available on Electronoobs’ site.

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