BonePonics is an Open source hydroponics automation system

By on July 29, 2014
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There are quite a lot of automations systems dedicated to caring plants but not many dealing with hydroponics. This project looks really cool, even if unfortunately is looking for quite a bit of money and it’s not really sure it will hit the target:

BonePonics is a hydroponics automation system.  It will automatically control the variables such as the air temp, water temp, humidity, amount of food in your reservoir, the ph of the water, air circulation, lighting schedules, flood schedules, and co2 levels inside of an enclosed environment in which your plants grow.  It can even change the water for you on a schedule. It does this by using sensors to get a snapshot of what the environment is like, and then it will look through all the rules that you create and either turn on or off specific relays, or pumps.

maybe you can give a hand!

via BonePonics! Open source hydroponics automation. by Joshua Spain — Kickstarter.


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