AstroBox Touch gives you the best 3D Printing experience possible

By on May 10, 2017
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Astroprint has just revealed his new product on Kickstarter: The AstroBox Touch.

Designed for 3D Printer Owners, Developers, and 3D Printer Manufacturers, AstroBox is a simple, powerful touchscreen that is wireless, cloud connected, and infinitely extensible with apps.
Think of it as a tiny portal that visually (and wirelessly) connects your 3D Printer to the most powerful, well engineered cloud in the 3D Printing industry.

The AstroBox is connected to the AstroPrint ecosystem, which includes the AstroPrint Cloud, Developer API, Desktop App(s) & Mobile App(s). In other words it connects your 3D Printer to a mobile app, desktop app, developer API’s and the AstroPrint Cloud.
You will be able to install 3D Printing related apps from 3rd parties on your Touch just as easily as you install apps on your smartphone.

The AstroBox Touch software is brand new, built on an open source framework (called Ionic) and runs on the Raspberry Pi as a native app.

AstroPrint (and the AstroBox Touch) is compatible with any printer running standard Marlin, Repetier, or Sailfish firmware – so, as long as your printer fits that criteria, things should work out of the box.

Astrobox Touch at a glance:

  • Remotely manage your 3D Printer(No pesky cables or SD Cards!)
  • Monitor your 3D Printer with live video streaming(compatible camera required)
  • Get email and push notifications of your print status
  • Automatic security & slicer updates on the cloud, so you have no software (or maintenance) to deal with
  • An app store that can extend the capabilities of your 3D Printer(much like the apps on your smartphone)
  • Access your print history and trends (i.e: analytics)
  • No need for a laptop/computer to be connected to your printer
  • Responsive, mobile friendly and works on any web enabled device
  • Simple, clean, intuitive interface
  • Intelligent slicing that learns your printing habits and improves your prints over time

AstroPrint team is also releasing Android & iPhone Mobile Apps, Desktop Software, and a public API. They will improve these features considering all your feedback in the future.

Click on AstroBox Kickstarter page to support this project.

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