ArduEcu: the groundbreaking waterproof and rugged Arduino ECU

By on April 17, 2017
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ArduECU is an IP69K-rated waterproof, rugged and impact-resistant electronic control unit (ECU) based on an ATmega328.
The ECU can be programmed with the Arduino IDE and also supports CoDeSys, meaning you can now configure your ArduECU with ladder logic, functional block, structured text, instruction list, or sequential function charts.

ArduECU, now on Kickstarter, comes in three models:
– one for basic projects
– one for CAN bus vehicle and machine control applications
– one which converts an existing Arduino Uno into a weatherproof, custom-tailored ECU with an on-board prototyping area for your own creations and circuits.

ArduECU is compatible with all 12V to 24V systems and each model will have expansion headers to leverage IoT and wireless capabilities, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular and GPS, or to house future expansion shields with additional functionality at a later time.

Full Specs here:
Power Requirements
• Operating Voltage: 12-24VDC (9-36VDC max limits)
• Idle Power Consumption: <150mA
Reference Voltages
• 5VDC Reference (400mA max)
• CAN (x1 capable if equipped)
• Serial (x1 capable)
• SPI (x2 capable)
• I2C (x1 capable)
• USART (x1 capable)
• Atmega 328P CMOS, 10-Bit ADC @16MHz
• 32kB In-System Self Programmable Flash Memory, 1kB EEPROM, 2kB Internal SRAM
• Write/Erase: 10k-Flash, 100k-EEPROM
• Data retention: 20 years at 85C, 100 years at 25C
• 9 Capable Digital Outputs (MOSFET driven, capable of up to 10A Max per channel and up to 30A max per ECU. Limiting factor is the current rating on Cinch terminals at 10 Amps)
• 5 Capable PWM Outputs (MOSFET driven, 10A Max per channel)
• 9 Capable Digital Inputs (5-24VDC)
• 6 Analog Inputs; three of which are 5VDC, three of which are 12-24VDC
• I/O configured internally on PCBA via jumper selections

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