• Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout: Learn How to Make Them Work

    Tomshardware.com recently posted an interesting Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout guide for everyone that is not so familiar with raspberry pi or electronics. Every Pi model since the Raspberry Pi B+ has had 40 GPIO pins and they...

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  • Raspberry Pi Zero (W) Shield for Arduino

    BurgessWorld Custom Electronics has launched a new Raspberry Pi shield that allows you to combine in the same project the power of a Raspberry Pi Zero (W) SBC with the flexibility of Arduino. The Arduino-compatible shield is...

    • Posted 4 months ago
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  • SparkFun Pro nRF52840 Mini: a Powerful Combination of Cortex-M4 CPU and 2.4GHz Bluetooth

    The SparkFun Pro nRF52840 Mini Bluetooth development board is now available priced at $30 and features a ARM Cortex-M4 CPU supported by 1MB internal Flash and 256kB internal RAM. The board comes pre-programmed with a USB bootloader....

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  • Alphabot2: the OpenSource Robot

      The latest robot from Waveshare, it adds interesting features to the qualities of its predecessor. You were able to appreciate the instructional robotics platform on wheels called Alphabot, in an article dedicated to it, and you...

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      A robotics development platform based on a two-wheel mechanics plus pivoting wheel on which you can prototype applications, controllable with popular Arduino Uno, Raspberry Pi 3 boards or both.  Robotics is one of the most engaging...

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  • Pixy2: Robot Vision Made Easier

    The Pixy announced in 2013 as a Kickstarter campaign, was a computer vision package meant for makers that can learn and detect objects via the press of a button. The new Pixy2 is smaller, faster, and smarter than the...

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  • BBC micro:bit

      The latest initiative by BBC to teach anyone how to code, from 0 to 99-year-olds… and beyond.   BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) created the tiniest microcomputer that they will offer free of charge to every English...

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  • ArduEcu: the groundbreaking waterproof and rugged Arduino ECU

    ArduECU is an IP69K-rated waterproof, rugged and impact-resistant electronic control unit (ECU) based on an ATmega328. The ECU can be programmed with the Arduino IDE and also supports CoDeSys, meaning you can now configure your ArduECU with...

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