Analyze your world with the WiSci portable spectrometer

By on September 17, 2016
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Spectroscopy is an incredible tool for chemical analysis–and now you can make your own Bluetooth-enabled device with an Arduino Pro Mini.

Using off-the-shelf components–including an Arduino, a Bluetooth module, an LED, optical filters, and a LiPo battery–housed inside a 3D-printed case, the WiSci aims to take this tool out of the lab, and into the “real world.” By following the instructions on its project page, you can build one for just under $250.

What’s really neat is that the portable spectrometer can even scan a fruit and then wirelessly send the data over to an accompanying Android app to tell you whether or not the fruit is ripe. (You can view its IEEE Spectrum article for a little more background on that!).

Components needed:

Arduino Pro Mini 328 – 5V/16MHz


FTDI USB to Serial Board (5V)For burning code to Pro mini
HC-05 Bluetooth Module
Buck Boost Converter ( 3v to 5V) – TPS63060 based module
LiPo Battery – 200mAh/500mAh
Momentary Pushbutton Switch (mini)
Mini SPDT slide switch
LEDWavelength depends upon application
Optical Filters (Optional)Depends upon application
LiPo Battery charger – MCP73831 based module
ResistorValue depends upon LED used. Check the data sheet of the LED for details.
C12666MA SpectrometerHamamatsu Mini Spectrometer

Source: Arduino Blog

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