Voltset a Multimeter for Smart Devices

By on June 13, 2014
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We just received this proposal from our submit channel: pretty cool tool that will enable your smartphone to become a real working tool (disclaimer: not opensource)

Work Smarter and Play Harder with Voltset

Voltset is a module that plugs into a smartphone via a USB connection. It will then turn a smartphone into a smart multimeter. The multimeter is a must have tool for every DIY, tinkerer or hardware hacker. This project was started two years ago by two makers, Michael and Tom. They could not find a multimeter that was convenient to carry, yet powerful and versatile enough to be useful in their wide range of projects. So they set out to build their own. Almost two years later, they are ready to introduce Voltset to the world of makers.

via Voltset – World’s Smartest Multimeter for Smart Devices by Voltset — Kickstarter.

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