Underground Meats: Open Source Salami

By on October 9, 2013
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Everything can be opensourced, also salami, and those guys are taking it seriously.

An open-source, educational approach to sharing the complex process of becoming a USDA-certified meat processor.

Hi, we are Underground Meats. We make salami.

The Underground Food Collective and Underground Meats is a group of people who love food and sharing it with our friends and family. We’ve been cooking and producing sustainable local food for years, supporting area farmers and growers. We started small, building off catering events, pop-up dinners, and word-of-mouth to open a couple restaurants, a catering facility, a meat/charcuterie production facility and a butcher shop. We feel extremely grateful and lucky for our success. We had a lot of help from our friends and family to get to this point.

via Underground Meats: Open Source Food Safety Model by Underground Food Collective — Kickstarter.


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