The GPS Cookie is looking for funds on Kickstarter

By on October 10, 2013
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Experienced electronics developers Richard Haberkern launches his third project on kickstarter: an opensource GPS data logger that fits in a pocket.

GPS Cookie – Leaving Crumbs Wherever it Goes by Richard Haberkern — Kickstarter.

Arduino compatible and Open source. This GPS data logger records everywhere it has been. Learn and have some fun!

Easy to use and great way to learn about GPS.

As with all my projects here on Kickstarter, its about learning and getting cool technology into the hands of every backer.  Sure, there are plenty of Arduino GPS loggers, geocaching and GPS tracking systems out there but none of them are as complete, current in technology, easy to use and available at such a low cost.  I designed the GPS Cookie (and Sandwich) so that you can get started experimenting with this advanced GPS data logger right away.




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