Raspberry Pi MOVI Adapter for Offline Speech Recognition and Synthesis

By on June 6, 2019
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Acoustic audio developer Audeme unveiled their new MOVI adapter for the Raspberry Pi 3, which allows users to connect the company’s MOVI Arduino Shield for offline speech and synthesis recognition.

The $75 MOVI (My Own Voice Interface) Arduino Shield offers “Internet-free” speech recognition and synthesis for up to 150 customizable English sentences. MOVI offers voice control for applications like turning devices on and off, entering alarm codes, and carrying on programmed conversations. The device is speaker independent, so there’s no voice training involved, and it uses no cloud services, thereby enabling offline applications free from privacy or reliability concerns.

“MOVI is programmed directly from the Arduino IDE and requires no voice samples for training, does not use an Internet connection and is speaker independent. MOVI is plug and play! Plug the shield onto your Arduino Uno or compatible board, connect a power supply and a speaker, and you’re ready to go.”

The board has a microphone with automatic gain-control to detect speech at up to 10 feet in a quiet environment. An external microphone input is available, and a speaker is optional.

Audeme’s MOVI Arduino Shield runs Debian, uses an open source Python API for the Raspberry Pi, and can be programmed directly with the Arduino IDE. Further information can be found on Audeme’s website.

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