OTTO a Hackable GIF Camera

By on June 8, 2014
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Well, you know this is not opensource at all (it’s also RaspberryPI powered, so also not really open source at heart) but it’s too beautiful and deserves a share!
OTTO’s hardware is similarly built to be modified and explored by the adventurous, with full documentation and Eagle files available.

A customizable camera powered by Raspberry Pi. Make and share camera modes that shoot photos with your unique style.

OTTO has a rotating crank that pops up and folds out from its top.  Crank to make a GIF. When you’re done, rewind the crank one turn and your GIF is done. OTTO automatically shares your brand new GIF with your phone, so you have it where you need it. Making GIFs has never been easier!



via Meet OTTO – The Hackable GIF Camera by Next Thing Co. — Kickstarter.

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