Continuum – Slow Motion LED Art Display

By on January 17, 2021
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Continuum is a light art display that is continuously in motion, with options to move quickly, slowly, or incredibly slow. The RGB LEDs in the display are updated 240 times per second, with unique colors calculated each update. A slider on the side of the display controls if the LEDs play back the content – currently Animated GIFs – in realtime, 1000x slower than realtime, or anywhere in-between.

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About Carlo Palumbo

Electronics and informatics are my biggest passions and through the development of projects in both areas during my graduation I was able to improve skills required to become expert in both. Curiosity was essential to increase my willing for learning more every day and that same curiosity is what motivates me to keep developing my knowledge. I have also attended the iOS Apple Developer Academy in Naples and won the WWDC18 contest. LinkedIN: YouTube: Facebook: GitHub:

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