Open Source Control Tower for Drones, by 3D Robotics

By on February 25, 2015
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Last 10th of February, 3D Robotics launched on Play Store their app to control copter and plane drones, Droidplanner:

3D Robotics, the largest U.S.-based drone manufacturer, announced the launch of its open-source Tower flight control app for drone copters and planes on Android phones and tablets. The app gives users a few new ways to talk to their drones, but far more importantly, it offers developers a new way to build new features for drones into the app without having to reinvent the wheel by starting from scratch.

Very soon, £DR will add support to its Droneshare app, enabling a competition and a scoreboard between community pilots!”

Here is a screenshot:

via 3D Robotics Opens Its Flight Control App For Drones To Developers.

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