New OSVehicle platform, completely redesigned: be the first one to see it!

By on May 6, 2015
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OSVehicle is a disruptive company, innovating the automotive industry. From making to hacking cars is their mission: in a short time, they’ve already designed a two and a four seats vehicle, released under open source license. Here you can download the schematics. You can also submit your design and develop together with the community, to realize your own vehicle!

In less than 1 week, OSVehicle is going to release a new, completely redesigned platform. Visit the website and leave your contacts to be the first to be notified about!

The OSV Platform is the starting point for the creation of a new line of  vehicles that can serve very different purposes. We provide a high quality and low cost alternative to one of the first, most expensive, step in vehicle development.

Makers, Fabbers, Startuppers Let creativity drive you towards the creation of new vehicles, starting from a solid and versatile base.

Designers, Engineers The chassis is just the starting point, let your dreams come true, draw, render, and get visibility by sharing your design online

Manufacturers Whether you’re producing parts or assembling whole vehicles, get in touch to find out about partnerships to produce vehicles designed specifically for certain uses or perfectly fitting your country’s needs

Source: OSVehicle – Open Source Vehicle | Enabling new startups in the electric vehicle industry through a modular platform called TABBY

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