Mouser and SparkFun Electronics support your projects!

By on January 31, 2017
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Mouser has announced a global distribution agreement with SparkFun Electronics, as part of both companies’ commitment to support the growth of the maker movement around the world.

Mouser’s catalog now incorporates over 500 SparkFun products, including their signature Arduino Pro, RedBoard, and LilyPad tools.

  •  Arduino Pro 328 and Arduino Pro Mini 328 are affordable, low-profile boards that allow engineers to easily prototype a design for an AVR microcontroller and the Arduino IDE. Both boards are available in standard 5V/16MHz versions as well as 3.3V/8MHz versions that work with lower-voltage sensor shields without requiring a logic level converter.
  • SparkFun RedBoard products provide the standard Arduino form factor for prototyping, combining the simplicity of the Uno’s Optiboot bootloader (used in the Pro series), the stability of the FTDI FT231X, and the shield compatibility of the latest Arduino Uno R3.
  • LilyPad line is designed for customers interested in wearables and e-textiles projects. The board’s design is perfect to be sewn on your clothes.

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