Lumera makes your camera smarter with one-click share and more – in Open Source

By on November 15, 2014
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This is a clever project that deserves your support!

A super cool add on for your camera which will post your pictures on social networks and do much more. With Lumera one-click share you can forget about the complex process of sharing your high quality photos online.

Furthermore, with Lumera Android-iOS App, you will be able to:

  • Wirelessly capture images and videos.
  • Remotely view and edit camera parameters like shutter speed, ISO, focus and zoom area, white balance, drive mode, aperture, image quality and format and more features to come.
  • Wirelessly stream live view to your iOS or Android device.
  • Setup timelapses from your smartphone.
  • Tag GPS location to your photos, when you need to.

And you won’t belive it, it’s open source!

via Lumera: transform your camera into the smartest one by Lumera Labs — Kickstarter.

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