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By on July 8, 2013
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A Handibot tool is a new kind of portable, digitally-controlled power tool for cutting, drilling, carving, and many other machining operations– a first Universal Digital Power Tool (UDPT) – or just, a Smart Tool. If you’re familiar with industrial CNC (computer numerically controlled) equipment, think of the Handibot tool as a portable version of CNC. But instead of taking material to a stationary machine, you bring the Handibot to your material — your jobsite, your remodeling task, your project, your work.

via Handibot™: A Smart Digital Power Tool by ShopBot Tools — Kickstarter.

The interesting thing about this campaign is that the guys here have a quite cool long term vision:

We plan to produce the early batches of Handibots in our manufacturing facilities here in Durham, NC and to continue producing some of the tools ourselves. But our vision is that as the demand for tools grows we will extend the manufacturing to a distributed network of small digital fab shops, a subset of the 100kGarages.com network who are interested in being local producers of Handibots.


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