DIY Arduino-Controlled Digital Multi Measuring Tool

By on May 12, 2019
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This Arduino controlled digital multi-measuring gadget employs an MPU-6050 accelerometer and gyroscope that lets it act as a 2D level, as well as a digital protractor after zeroing it at a starting point. The unit also features straight-line measurement capabilities via an IR distance sensor, and even has an encoder with a wheel that can measure rolled distance when that isn’t convenient.

The device is also equipped with different modes, depending on the measurement you have to do. Navigation through the device modes and features is done using 3 touch buttons marked as M (mode), U (unit) and 0 (zero), so the position of the device while measuring is not disturbed:

M – To choose between different types of measurements

U – To choose between the units mm, cm, inches, and meter

0 – To reset the measured values to 0 after measuring a distance or angle

The hardware is packaged in a nice wood and carbon fiber case, that has been designed to make the device as compact as possible and also to be 3D printed easily.

Further information are available into the video below or on the related Instructables page.

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