DNFC Tag: a Tag that Interacts with Micro Controllers

By on June 4, 2014
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DNFC tag project is looking for funding on indiegogo: they also promise to release all the schematics and software in Open Source. To give a short description, DNFC tag is a tradition-breaking open source tag and a brand new short-range connectivity technology to bridge phones and Micro Controllers like wifi and Bluetooth:

We are proud to bring about the Dynamic Near Field Communication tag (DNFC tag), an invention that who especially tech nerds and DIY lovers have been expected for long. It greatly standout among traditional read-only NFC tags because it’s readable and re-writable and it can communicate with various platforms, to name several most popular: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Leaf Maple stm32 and some more. It owns a high level of dexterity, thus making it efficient, easy to execute and user-friendly.

via DNFC Tag: the Pre-Eminent NFC Tag that Interacts with MCU | Indiegogo.


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