A vintage Boombox with Spotify

By on June 14, 2021
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If you find an old broken Boombox at home, don’t throw it away! You can turn it into a modern one with Spotify and NFC cassettes. The cassettes will have an NFC tag inside them and each of them can be associated with a Playlist on Spotify.

The old stereo was disassembled and deprived of all those electronic and mechanical parts no longer useful for the purpose.

The heart of it all is a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with the Raspberry Pi OS Lite Operating System with Phoeniebox connecting to Spotify via mopidy. The Raspberry is connected to the speakers through a WM8960 module and communicates via I2C with a PN532  NFC/RFID module in order to be able to read the tags of the different boxes. In addition, buttons have been inserted, near the mechanism of the mechanical keys present in the radio, so as to be able to control the reproduction of music.

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