DIY Your Star Wars Mouse Droid With Hidden Display

By on September 29, 2018
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Differently from the small black droids that you have seen in the Star Wars saga, the mouse droid by Potent Printables acts as a sort of physical messaging app. It’s able to travel to the correct location, then pop open to unveil a scrolling LED sign.

An Arduino Uno along with an Adafruit Motor Shield are used for control, while an HC-05 module enables communication with the system. So you can trigger the side door using a Bluetooth app on your phone. On command, an RC servo pushes it open, and lowers it down using a stepper motor/reel setup.

All you need to accomplish the control of the door and the LED sign:

  • Arduino Uno

  • Adafruit Motor Shield (v2) for controlling the stepper and servo

  • HC-05 bluetooth module for communication

  • 3S Lipo for power

  • 2x voltage regulators for stepping down the Lipo

Further information can be found in the video below:

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