DIY a CNC Machine With a Dremel As a Spindle

By on November 20, 2018
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The maker Nikodem Bartnik has just created a 3d printed CNC machine that’s able to cut MDF and acrylic and can engrave aluminum.
As for how well this CNC machine works, it’s pretty good. With the Gcode to cut an 80mm diameter circle out of MDF, this machine managed to cut a circle that was 80.02 mm in diameter. That’s pretty good, and getting into the territory that the error is probably in the cheap set of calipers, not the finished part itself.

All you need to build your CNC machine is:

  • Dremel tool
  • Aluminium Profiles 20x20x600mm (5)
  • 12mm rod (about 2 meters)
  • 500mm long trapezoidal lead screw 8mm
  • 300mm long trapezoidal lead screw 8mm
  • 12mm linear bearing
  • 5 to 8mm coupler
  • T nut (50)
  • Screws
  • Arduino+CNC shield+stepper drivers
  • Power supply
  • Stepper motors (4)
  • Relay
  • Limit switches
  • AC IEC socket with switch

The electronics for the build are just an Arduino Uno, a motor driver sheld running GRBL, a relay for the Dremel, a few motor drivers, and a 30A power supply. NEMA 17 motors are used on the Y-axis and on the X and Z.

It’s an awesome build, and Nikodem has everything documented in his four-part video series.

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