Diskio Pi: the DIY Tablet Kit for Raspberry Pi Once Again on Kickstarter

By on November 23, 2018
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Last year we wrote about a DIY tablet kit for Raspberry Pi, ODROID-C2/XU4 and other compatible boards launched via Kickstarter: it was the modular and fully hackable hardware Diskio Pi project.

But unfortunately it failed likely due to the high costs: 350 Euros and up for early bird pledges without battery nor SBC and an elevated funding target of 400,000 Euros.

In the last year they worked on reducing costs, improved the design, and recently relaunched Diskio Pi on Kickstarter with a more achievable 52,096 Euros target, and reasonable pricing with rewards starting at 189 Euros including VAT.

Diskio Pi “basic” DIY tablet kit content and main specifications:

  • Display – Innolux 13.3″ TFT/IPS display with 1920×1080 resolution, WLED backlight + 10-point touch capacitive panel connected over USB 2.0
  • Video control board with HDMI 1.4 to eDP converter, stereo amplifier, and 2x 1W speakers
  • Daughter board with Genesys USB hub, 9V to 5V/4A buck converter, temperature control, HDMI external output
  • Ethernet and audio board with Ethernet jack and 3.5 stereo audio jack
  • Internal cables for  Raspberry Pi (1, 2, 3 B/B+ and Zero W, WH), Odroid-C1+, C2, including Ethernet & HDMI internals cables.
  • Internal ribbon cable & connector for external HDMI input
  • AC/DC power adapter with EU, UK or US cable1
  • Screws and a small screwdriver
  • ABS case without the stand, 2x racks plates & nylon spacers, IP20 rating
  • Assembly instructions

“Assemble the elements in 2 hours, choose your nano computer and place it in the machine. Diskio Pi is the most versatile touch device on the market.

  • Compatible with nano PCs up to 4Gb RAM
  • Can be used as an external touchscreen
  • Up to 13 hours of battery life with the battery option
  • Full hackable and upgradable”

Watch the demonstrative video below for more information.

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