DFRobot Boson Kit: 50+ Different Modules for Young Inventors

By on September 4, 2018
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DFRobot’s Boson Kit, is an education resource providing a set of modularised electronic building blocks designed for young inventors and STEM educators.
Launched in June 2017, there have been already over 5,000 schools around the world using Boson Kit in the classrooms.

Boson breaks down complicated circuits into simple, functional modules that are easy to understand.
The kit requires no coding or soldering and is ideal as a STEM classroom teaching tool. Meanwhile, it is also up-gradable to platforms such as micro: bit and Arduino, supporting Scratch, MakeCode, JavaScript, Python and C programming languages.

Boson offers an impressive variety of over 50 modules across the Input, Output, Function and Power categories. Boson modules are not only magnetic, Lego compatible, but also attachable to Velcro pads, screws and whiteboards.

Boson kit features are:

  • Cultivating kid’s programming ability;
  • Suitable for age 8+;
  • Supporting sound, light and motion interaction;
  • 12-project tutorial from beginning to advanced.

Please, visit https://www.dfrobot.com/boson  for further information.

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