COVI: an Open Source Speech-Enabled Smart Home Hub on Kickstarter

By on June 27, 2017
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Developed by Senic, COVI combines a beautiful light fixture with a speech-enabled hub for home automation. What this means is that you can control your in-house gadgets via Amazon Alexa, as well as other services expected in 2018.

The integrated system is cloud-based, which means it’s always getting smarter and more in tune with you.

COVI also has a preset that mimics the quality of natural light throughout the day. It provides the right blend of cool white light for your morning wake-up routine and warm white as you relax before bed.

At its core, COVI features a powerful quad-core Cortex A7 computer with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities. Unlike many of today’s closed platforms, COVI is built on an open source platform, allowing it to be integrated into a variety of ecosystems with an open API, potentially making it even more useful in the future.

At the moment the limitations of COVI is that the device is mainly bound by Alexa’s skills although this will change in the future thanks to the open source nature of this project.

It’s now available on Kickstarter!

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