ChainDuino brings you Power Over Ethernet

By on August 5, 2014
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This cool project to integrate Arduino compatible technology with Power over Ethernet is pretty interesting.

Isn’t RS-485 old technology?

If by old, you mean “has 3 decades of bullet-proof reliability”, then yes. Despite being invented over 30 years ago, RS-485 has been proven very reliable and is still used globally in industrial automation today.  Keep in mind that RS-485 can support bus lengths up to 4,000 feet, data rates up to 10 Mbps at shorter distances, and now supports over 250 devices on a single bus. Not to mention, it’s also perfectly suited for one of the most popular cables found on earth, twisted pair Cat5. Those specs are good enough for industrial manufacturing all over the world, so unless your planning on trying to send 4K video, they should be sufficient for most Arduino-style projects you can throw it.

via ChainDuino by Michael Tedeschi — Kickstarter.

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