The Troll: Arduino Audio Prank Board Hits Kickstarter

By on June 4, 2019
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A new Arduino compatible practical jokes board is now available on Kickstarter. Enabling you to set up a variety of different spooky sounds and Halloween treats to scare your family and friends, the aptly named Troll board is production ready and will be in your hands before Halloween.

This device contains a ton of very scary sound bites, along with a ton of annoying and funny sound bites, like farts, belches, and embarrassing sexy sounds.

Electronics designer and maker Patrick Thomas Mitchell explains a little more about his board on Kickstarter:

It’s Portable! – With the help of a 9v battery, and the included speaker, you can hide the TROLL in a place where nobody will find it.  Place it into either BUGGER or HAUNTING mode to completely confuse, embarrass, or scare your victim!

Mix Audio! – You can connect the TROLL between the stereo output of a computer, and computer speakers.  The TROLL will MIX it’s sound bites with the sound coming from your computer.  It will make your victim think that either their computer is haunted, or corrupted!  Best of all, you can even power the TROLL with any USB port on the computer in question!

Connect to ANY Stereo Input! – Want volume?  You got it!  Connect the TROLL audio output to the stereo input of any audio player, turn the volume up, and get ready to scare the ever living HECK out of your victim!

The joke board is available as both a kit priced at $19 or fully assembled and tested for $22.

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