Building a streaming device with HiFiBerry and Raspberry Pi

By on November 6, 2016
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A great project based on HiFiBerry, one of the best DAC available for Raspberry Pi, and obviously a RPi 2 or 3.

The components used by Jorg Schwieder, creator of the iPeng famous audio project, are:

  • Raspberry Pi 3;
  • official Raspberry Pi 7” touch-screen display;
  • official Raspberry Pi touch-screen case;
  • a 16GB SD card with Max2Play Linux distribution pre-installed. Max2Play comes pre-installed with all the music server and player software I needed, Hifiberry drivers and a web-based configuration interface;
  • HifiBerry DAC+ with RCA outputs

Mounting the Pi and the HifiBerry is straightforward, but to also connect the 7” display I needed to get an additional power connection. I got this from the HifiBerry board by soldering connector pins to the “P3” power connector spare on top of the HifiBerry.

An additional challenge was that the touch-screen case didn’t have cutouts for the RCA connectors, so I had to do a little sawing, too, which was easily done using a normal jigsaw.

The result just looks like a touch-screen frame from the front. To beautify things up a bit, I added angled connectors (the Pi has all connectors at the top of the case), the gold-plated RCA connectors add to the overall appeal.

Because the intended placement required the use of WiFi but had somewhat poor reception, I also added a big external antenna.

The result was just as good as I had hoped. Easy to setup and maintain and gives me just the great sound I had hoped for.

Source: Jörg Schwieder

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