2017 Hackaday Prize: Build Something That Matters And Win $250,000 cash prizes!

By on March 27, 2017
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The fourth annual Hackaday Prize aims to expand the frontiers of knowledge and engineering while innovating to make an extraordinary impact on peoples’ lives.

Sponsored by Digi-Key (the exclusive electronic components distributor sponsor of the Hackaday Prize) and Microchip, this year the competition features a new technical design challenge every 5 weeks and honors engineers, inventors and tinkerers whose innovations make an extraordinary impact on peoples’ lives.

The first round of the competition is “Design Your Concept” (Starts March 20th – Ends May 1st) in which entrants present a problem and pitch an answer that will change the world. They will be judged on how they map out their theories and concepts via hacks, logs, drawings and diagrams.

The remaining rounds are:

  • “Internet of Useful Things” (May 1st – June 12th)
  • “Wheels, Wings and Walkers” (projects that move) (June 12th – July 24th)
  • “Assistive Technology” (July 24th – September 4th)
  • “Anything Goes” (September 4th – October 16th)

A bonus round, Best Product, will run simultaneously during the entire competition.

Twenty projects will be chosen from each of the 6 rounds, and awarded $1,000 per project. At the end of all 6 rounds, 120 projects in total will advance to the finals during which 6 top prizes will be awarded, totaling $250,000: $50K (grand prize), $30K (Best Product prize), $20K (second prize), $15K (third prize), $10K (fourth prize) and $5K (fifth prize).

Check the rules and other suggestions on the official 2017 Hackaday Prize website.

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