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Our Big Fan and collaborator Vittorio Loschiavo has recently presented one new Open Source project “Hackaday Prize 2019

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Leavening cell



Leavening cell suitable for leavening at the best and at a constant temperature of about 26 ° C to 28 ° C of the sourdough, used to obtain: Bread, Focaccia, Pizzas, Brioches, Desserts, Large Leavened (Colomba, Pandoro, Panettone, etc).

The structure is made with 20×20 aluminum profiles that are normally used to make 3D frames, CNC, etc. TThe profiles are held together with aluminum angulars for 20×20 profiles. In the inner wall of the cell and in the upper part, I fixed a metal grid (it can be of any material as long as it has a certain rigidity and can withstand at least up to 40-50 ° C). As a heating element, I used a heated 50-watt cable, 6 meters long normally used to heat aquariums and terrariums. The heated cable is fixed to the metal grid by means of plastic clamps.

For the covering of the aluminum frame I used 6 mm thick wooden panels, the inner walls were covered with heat-reflecting insulating material (or the common aluminum roll fixed with double-sided adhesive tape). For the temperature control of the leavening cell, I used a double timer with relay output and a thermostat with a probe. Internally, at the top, I inserted a 12VDC LED lamp. On the front panel, in addition to a double timer and a thermostat, there is also a general on/off switch, an on/off button for the lamp. At the top, hidden from view, I inserted a low voltage power supply (12 VDC) and the relative wiring. On the back, there is a general 220VAC power outlet with an illuminated switch and a fuse.



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