ZeroBorg – Robotics for the Raspberry Pi Zero

By on March 15, 2016
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The ZeroBorg is a new add on board for controlling motors using the incredible $5 computer Raspberry Pi Zero. The project has already hit the 300% funding on Kickstarter in less than 10 days.

A Raspberry Pi Zero, ZeroBorg and a 9V battery weigh as little as 65g!

The ZeroBorg can control 4 motors independently and gives you whole new ways of moving your robots. Take our Mecanum robot we built to test the board (see it in the video above!). Each wheel can be driven independently meaning you can go forwards, backwards, tank steer and strafe like a crab.

ZeroBorg technical specification

Each board has:

  • 4 full H-Bridges,
  • Capability of driving 4 motors or 2 stepper motors,
  • 2A peak or 1.5A RMS per bridge,
  • An on board fast blow fuse at 5A,
  • Designed to run off a 9V power source (max range 2.7V to 10.8V. To power the Pi Zero 7V minimum),
  • 2 analogue inputs, which are great for sensors,
  • I2C communication, allowing daisy chaining to other boards,
  • Fully soldered and ready to use.

ZeroBorg is available in three versions, KS1, KS2 and KS3. Check the differences on the official kickstarter page.

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