ZelosLaser Cutter 2.0 : Open Source 300% funded on Kickstarter and 25 days still to go!

By on August 4, 2015
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Incredible project from Zelos, a German company launching the 2.0 version of their laser cutter and engraver. Fully open source, on hardware, software, project resources and documentation!

From the halls of Germany based Zelos Dynamics, comes the Zelos Laser Cutter and Engraver; the worlds’ first highly stable and completely open source laser cutter and engraver. This extraordinary new machine is a fully functional unit which may be used for engraving and cutting right through several everyday materials such as plastic, wood, leather, paper and much much more. Nimble to operate, the Zelos Laser Cutter and Engraver takes ridiculously less space as compared to similar machines.

Being open source gives the option of modular extension and versatility; the documentation is provided online for easy design and implementation which allows for an absurdly low building time of just 3-5 hours!

  • all blueprints and files are completely open source and available for free for anyone on HackAday,Thingiverse,Pinshape or instructables.com
  • There are thousands of tutorials for open source hardware. You will to hack the ZelosLaser Cutter? No problem!

# More stable movement system

  • added one more Motor to the Y Axis
  • neoprene closed loop GT2 Belt
  • ball bearings instead of plastic rollers

# Electronics improvements

  • electronic enclosure
  • better mechanical limit switches
  • Laser Carriage (tension system,fan mount,adjustable laser;move laser height for thicker materials)

Adjusts vertically to allow for different sized materials. Combine this with our special focus tool and optimum laser focus can be easily set.

Simply assemble and use either the three hundred milliwatt laser for engraving and the two watt laser for cutting.

Furthermore, with all nuts, bolts and washers constructed out of galvanized steel, the Zelos Laser Cutter and Engraver is a byname for sturdiness. It is shipped as a kit to be built at home with all parts being designed and printed to fit precisely together while requiring no drilling to assemble. The latest prototype is available in two different work size areas: 170x280mm or 510x640mm!

More info and a chance to fund and grab an early bird pledge here!

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