xWifi, a fingertip-sized, Open Source, wifi module, is on Indiegogo

By on September 14, 2014
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Welcome this new tiny wifi module and open hardware & software roughly the same size as fingertip-sized (14mm x 17mm for SMT type in size).

The xWifi module has been developed over the last months by xThink Lab and is designed for easy embedding into small appliances such as smart lighting, smart TVs,door locks,plugs, sensors,robot remote controls and so on.

Smart home appliances refer to appliances that are connected to the Internet, and are capable of carrying out their functions by being remotely controlled with a smart device, or on their own. As technology advances and prices go down, smart home appliances are expected to be widely adopted on a global scale .

An early bird pledge will allow you to get the module and one Dock for $17 only.Customize your IoT(Internet of Things) Now!

What is xWifi module?

xWifi module is an open hardware/software wifi module runs uIP TCP/IP stack. It has UART,SPI interfaces,GPIO x5 and PWM for intelligent control,but  fingertip-sized only . It helps you make a smart home and customize your IoT(Internet of Things) life easily. It’s the most cost efficient solution of IoT(Internet of Things).

via xWifi:A fingertip-sized wifi module,Open source | Indiegogo.


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