When a Drone becomes a Youtuber

By on April 27, 2017
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You’ll need:

  • Drone Kit (and 4 channel RC controller)
  • Raspberry Pi (board + case)
  • Sixfab 4G/LTE shield
  • Camera Module
  • SD Card
  • SIM Card
  • Antenna
  • USB cable

Thanks to a Raspberry Pi board, Camera Module and a SixFab LTE shield with a drone kit you are able to build a Youtube Drone.

The Sixfab 4G/LTE shield offers high-speed internet connection to Raspberry Pi, so this fascinating Drone can broadcast footage over a cellular data connection direct to YouTube.

The drone is built using a kit model. This is controlled remotely with an RC controller. A Camera Module is used to record footage from the drone. This is shared directly to YouTube Live using the data connection.
A Raspberry Pi and Sixfab 4G/LTE shield are mounted on the underside of the drone. This provides a permanent data connection

Mahmut and Metin, a computer engineer from Sixfab and his maker friend, for this project incorporated so many different Raspberry Pi features: video recording, flight control (either RC or automated), YouTube integration, and data network access.

A further interesting improvement could be the integration of computer vision technology, as well as automatic flight.

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