The Microfactory, a Machine Shop in a Box is on Kickstarter

By on September 21, 2013
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You’ve still seven six more days to support this ambitious project looking for 1M$!:

Mebotics: Microfactory – “World’s First Machine Shop in a Box”
The first widely-available machine to marry both additive and subtractive manufacturing, integrating machining, 3D printing and etching into a safe, self-cleaning, networkable unit

• An ultimate all-in-one factory for small business – biotech & design firms, architects, teachers – as well as artists, early adopters & avid hobbyists
• Contains full on-board computer allowing users to watch the progress of jobs in real-time from a phone or tablet, start & stop jobs remotely, or network machines together for more efficient production
• For printing, or to making a milling or etching file, create the part in your favorite CAD program
• Built to withstand extra-heavy duty conditions and handle real-world makers with tough projects
• Full-featured Microfactory (7-axis) and simplified Microfactory (4-axis) available
• Watch the video here

via The Microfactory: A machine shop in a box by Mebotics LLC — Kickstarter.

Unfortunately, it’s not Open Source Hardware (only Software).

Microfactory Microfactory2

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